By Petalia Humphreys

Presented by Metro Arts

Like a gift-wrapped box, A-part-ment is a playful exhibition of non-objective hard-edge geometric three-dimensional paintings.

“Apart” is considered the separation between parts, whereas “a part” refers to a fraction of a whole. “Ment” is the object, or result of an action. A-part-ment is the culmination of all these things, presented as a playful exhibition of non-objective hard-edge geometric three-dimensional paintings.

Like a gift-wrapped box, Humphreys’ cube paintings are the three-dimensional version of their two-dimensional counterparts. In conversation with each other they reveal the potential dimensionality of form.

The active objects invite the audience to engage in playful ways. Aiming to engage inquisitiveness and challenge perception through playful remapping of spaces her works spark curiosity and invite the viewer to renegotiate their experience of the familiar, exploring a physical remapping of space.



Tue 5 – Sat 30 Apr

Fri 8 Apr, 6 – 8pm


Window Gallery
Metro Arts, West End


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Sat 30 Apr 
9:00am – 8:00pm

Image courtesy of the artist.


Petalia Humphreys creates what might be considered three-dimensional paintings – reductive abstract paintings that reveal a concern for location, colour, light and space. Site-specific works reveal concern for the physical mapping of spaces, of spatial and perceptual shifts. Humphreys’ hard-edge, geometric forms encourage an interactive approach, inviting the audience to engage in playful ways, considering ways of looking, perceiving and viewing. Working with building materials, Humphreys’ practice spans from small-scale hand-crafted paintings through to large site-specific public art installations.

Petalia Humphreys lives and works on Gubbi Gubbi land. Born and raised in Queensland, she graduated from QUT with a Bachelor of Art, Visual Art (First Class Honours) and a Bachelor of Education (Visual Arts) in the late 1990s. Humphreys has worked as art educator
and has exhibited at the Brisbane Institute of Modern Art (IMA), Metro Arts, and Brisbane Powerhouse.


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