Ten local Artist-Run-Initiatives (ARIs) are taking up residence in our level 3 studios!

Step into level 3 for a snapshot of Brisbane’s local ARIs, a chance to explore the studios, and space to come together for talks, discussions, performance and more! Metro Arts has been home to many ARIs over the years, with Boxcopy being the first in 2009. AIRspace will feature over 20 artists across ten ARIs!  

ARIs will include: 
Boxcopy, dumb dumb, Kuiper Projects, Outer Space, Post-Datum, The Soylent Spot, STABLE, The Walls, Wreckers Artspace, XYZ ARI


Within These Walls
Saturday 8 February, 2pm
AIRspace, Level 3
FREE – all welcome. 

Join us for a panel discussion with Rachael Haynes, Jeanelle Hurst and Amy-Clare McCarthy, facilitated by Simone Hine, as part of AIRspace: Metro Arts, With Love

The festival Metro Arts, With Love, celebrates 40 years of Metro Arts as a site of independent creative activity, at the same time that Metro Arts is leaving its iconic 109 Edward Street location. For four decades Metro has been central to the art ecology of Brisbane, supporting artists and facilitating projects. As part of the public program AIRspace, Kuiper Projects is hosting a panel discussion that looks back at projects, exhibitions and events that have taken place within the walls of 109 Edward Street. The panel will be an opportunity to share documentation of projects and stories about the visual arts community at Metro Arts.

The panel will bring together perspectives from across the 40 years of Metro Arts at 109 Edward Street, to piece together a history based on personal memory and exchange. Metro Arts was the base for many of Jeanelle Hurst’s curatorial projects and ARIs, including Outdoor Art Drive-In (1986) and Interface Project 88 (1988). Rachael Haynes has had countless exhibitions at Metro Arts since the 1990s and was also a founding co-director of Studio 11 (2003) and delivered projects for Level ARI and Boxcopy at Metro. Curator Amy-Clare McCarthy was the exhibition program curator at Metro Arts from 2013 until 2017.


Holly Anderson (Outer Space), Samantha Axiak (Wreckers), Ali Bezer (Outer Space), Isabella Catenaro (Post Datum), Aaron Chapman (The Walls Art Space), Christopher Cipollone (Soylent Spot), Sam Cranstoun (Outer Space), Phoebe Creagh (Post Datum), Default Collective (Kuiper), Charlie Donaldson (Stable), Garreth Donnelly (Soylent Spot), Darcy Gilmore (Post Datum), Fred Gooch (Dumb Dumb), Jeanelle Hurst (Soylent Spot), Savannah Jarvis (Outer Space), Katayoun Javan (XYZ ARI), Tiana Jefferies (Soylent Spot), Jay Jermyn (The Walls Art Space), Kate McKay (Outer Space), Lucy Nguyen-Hunt (Post Datum), Jody Rallah (XYZ ARI), Rae Sahelie (The Walls Art Space), Erika Scott (Soylent Spot), Jacob Squire (Post Datum), Gabrielle Stanley (The Walls Art Space), Nicholas Tossman (Post Datum), Sally Wright (The Walls Art Space). 


1 – 15 February 2020


1 February, 6 – 10pm
9 February, 10am – 4pm
2, 3 & 10 February – Closed
4 – 8 February, 12pm – 10pm
11 – 15 February, 12pm – 10pm


Level 3 Studios
Metro Arts

(Please note, Level 3 is currently only accessible via stairs. We are aware of the inconvenience this creates and sincerely apologise.)

ARIs in Residence


The Soylent Spot is an artist-run initiative based in Brisbane.

Their exhibition in Studio 3.7a, Eviction Party, draws together works in an array of traditional and new media by artists Tiana Jefferies, Jeanelle Hurst, Christopher Cipollone, Erika Scott, and Gareth Donnelly.


Post-Datum is a student art collective at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). They aim to provide students with a step into the Brisbane arts scene by regularly holding student-run exhibitions, developing an art zine, and running art related events for members and QUT students.

In Studio 3.11 and 3.12, Post Datum exhibits an eclectic mixture of works by emerging artists Lucy Nguyen-Hunt, Jacob Squire, Darcy Gilmore, Isabella Catenaro, Nicholas Tossman, and Phoebe Creagh.


Wreckers is an artist-run initiative based in Woolloongabba, Brisbane, which supports experimental and non-commercial art practices.

In the exhibition Bedroom IRL, Samantha Axiak recreates her own bedroom with an accumulation of stuffed toys, wire, chains, handmade bags, pieces of rubbish, found objects and sentimental treasures. Using this disparate collection of materials, Axiak creates a ‘cute hideaway’ from the rest of the world.


Boxcopy is one of the longest-running artist-run spaces in Brisbane. They are dedicated to creating a platform for the experimental and innovative practices of Australian artists.

Boxcopy’s exhibition at AIRspace asks whether there are new (or old) ways for supporting artistic practice outside of conventional and institutional models. In their non-transactional project, artists can sign on to receive a portion of the $500 artist fee provided by Metro Arts to Boxcopy for this exhibition.


XYZ ARI is a roving artist-run initiative that aims to facilitate connections and accessibility between regional and urban artists. They support emerging, experimental and contemporary spatial practices and strive to bring diverse and underrepresented dialogues to a wider community.

In Studio 3.4 is Katayoun Javan’s video The Man with 1000 Faces, a deeply personal reframing of the 1979 Iranian Revolution through intimate family photographs and home videos. It excavates silenced history and reclaims a personal past obscured by political context.

In Studio 3.3 is Jody Rallah’s What Remains, an installation composed of materials drawn from the landscape including, charcoal, native grasses, sand and clay. The installation of these materials in a colonised space opens a dialogue between the historical synchronicity of fire and restoration of place, to cultural resilience embedded within the landscape of the installation, and signifiers of Indigenous lore associated with regeneration.


Kuiper is a contemporary art platform dedicated to the support of conceptually-based artworks and critical discussion.

The exhibition Projection in studio 3.14 is a new site-specific artwork by Default Collective. An empty Metro Arts studio space, which for decades has been the site of creative labour, is reimagined as a pristine space that is reminiscent of architectural warehouse conversions. Projection addresses the conditions that affect contemporary art organisations, in a neoliberal context where value is reduced to economic exchange, and brings together the past, present and future of the physical studio space.


dumb dumb is an unusual and open-ended exhibition space in Brisbane whose programming promotes art for art’s sake across all disciplines. They aim to provide exhibition opportunities for local artists whose practices don’t follow a traditional, expected career progression.

In Studio 3.2a, a series of two-dimensional works by Fred Gooch are exhibited.


Outer Space is an artist-run initiative based in South Brisbane.

In Studio 3.5, Time and Place features Outer Space studio artists Holly Anderson, Ali Bezer, Sam Cranstoun, Savannah Jarvis, and Kate McKay.


STABLE is a contemporary art exhibition space with online platforms and a physical gallery space in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane. It aims to promote the work of emerging and established artists with an emphasis on diversity of media and identity.

In Studio 3.13, Charlie Donaldson’s exhibition Art Crimes: The 1E.001 Archive presents archival research into a hidden room in Metro Arts’ third floor used by the Special Branch of the Queensland Police to spy on artists in the 1980’s. The documents presented uncover the deception and bizarre subterfuge committed by the QPS Special Branch and state government, providing insight into the heady political and social intrigue during the Bjelke-Petersen era of Brisbane through the lens of the Metro Arts building.


THE WALLS ART SPACE is a not-for-profit artist-run initiative located in Miami, Gold Coast. It supports experimental and innovative work through offering exhibition and studio space, performance events, publications and discussions. The main mission of THE WALLS ART SPACE is to connect people with current and experimental art on the Gold Coast, to provide transformative art experiences, and to enrich the Australian cultural landscape.

Their exhibition in Studio 3.6, The Feel, prompts the viewer to enter the space with the intention on focusing on the feel of it. It provides a subtle invitation to consider sensation, gut feelings, and the multisensory capacity of observation, to orientate oneself and find meaning beyond looking. Works by Aaron Chapman, Jay Jermyn, Sally Wright, Rae Saheli, and Gabrielle Stanley.