By Chris Battersby

On 30 July 2019, artist Chris Battersby set out to draw or paint an apple a day. This ever-growing collection of works explores central themes of repetition, continuity, completion and renewal.

Repetition is everything, each day being almost like the next, one apple like the next, like a loop in music played again and again. Every apple is a discreet image but part of a continuum.

Watercolour is the medium of choice as it suggests rather than defines – it floats, blurs and bleeds its way into the paper. Completed quickly, each work is instantly permanent and emphatic. There is little time for reworking. The day is done. Tomorrow is a clean slate and a fresh start. An apple a day.




17 – 21 November 2020 

Mon – Thu     10am-4pm
Fri – Sat         10am-10pm

Closing Night Event:
4-7pm, Saturday 21 November


Gallery One, Metro Arts




Chris Battersby

Chris Battersby worked for many years as an architectural illustrator in Australia, America and Hong Kong. He has exhibited work in a number of group exhibitions at various galleries in Brisbane and was represented by Jan Murphy Gallery in the early 2000s. He currently works as an architect and the design manager for Hutchinson Builders on the West Village project in West End Brisbane.