In Asset Pack, 2019, Baden Pailthorpe intensifies his examination of the cultures of late capitalism by reinterpreting the material culture of digital marketplaces. In doing so, he recontextualises these objects and redefines their potential as artefacts of our contemporary moment. Like an archaeologist unearthing speculative objects from the networks that increasingly define our lives, these artworks speak to the complex and unstable nature of society today.   

Digital marketplaces define our contemporary experience – they represent billions of dollars of trade, yet are almost entirely immaterial. Data is the lifeblood of capitalism – from Russian disinformation campaigns targeting US elections, Facebook’s Libra digital currency, Chinese ‘click farms’, facial recognition datasets and robodebt algorithms – all of these converge to create complex forms of power and capital. Assets in this context are not only tradable commodities, they are the neo-relics of our age.         

This exhibition is in itself an ‘asset pack’, since it becomes modular and deployable for any kind of exhibition space. Metro Arts presents a scale version of the exhibition, focused on the moving image components of the work.


Gallery 2


13 – 30 November 2019
Opening night: 
13 November, 6pm


Image: Gunz, 2019. Unreal Engine plants asset pack, 4K Ultra HD real-time animation. Ed 3 + 2AP


Baden Pailthorpe

Baden Pailthorpe is a contemporary artist who works with emerging and experimental technologies. He is the Convenor of Hybrid Art Practice at the ANU School of Art & Design, Canberra. His artistic practice interrogates the relationship between aesthetics and power, interrogating the politics of technological and economic structures across Sport, Finance and the Military-Industrial Complex.

Since 2011, Baden’s practice has integrated performance and installation alongside screen-based interventions. Examples include: a commissioned performance at the Centre Pompidou, Paris (2014); video work depicting a hacked military simulator at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2012); documentation of a video game performance exhibited at the Triennale di Milano, Milan (2016); a ‘start-up as artwork’ at Sullivan+Strumpf (2017); and an experimental data visualisation of AFL player GPS data at UTS Art, Sydney (2017).

Baden Pailthorpe is represented by Sullivan+ Strumpf.