In Between the River and the Cliff, artist Susan Hawkins asks us to clamber upon the past to consider the present. A collection of interactive sculptural pieces made from decommissioned telecommunication equipment, parabolic dishes sit ready to translate human interactions into aural transmissions. The work has been inspired by the transformation of Howard Smith Wharves from a place of industry and labour, to recreation and leisure and seeks to weave our activities of today back into the histories that preceded us.

Join us at the Artist Talk and Poetic Response to learn about the development of the work from the artist Susan Hawkins, and hear a poetic response from Kate Woodcroft.


Howard Smith Wharves (East Lawn)
5 Boundary Street, Brisbane City


11 – 13 October 2019, 10am – 10pm 

Artist Talk & Poetic Response / 12 October, 5 – 6pm


Artist: Susan Hawkins
Producers: people+artist+place and Metro Arts


Susan Hawkins

Born in Gunnedah NSW, Susan Hawkins is an interdisciplinary artist with a playful and process-oriented practice. Working with reclaimed industrial and domestic objects, her process tests their physical and metaphysical limits. This method leads her to question her position as both a producer and consumer, highlighting the broader social and environmental implications of consumer culture.  More recently Susan has been exploring the sound potential of objects and the human body’s reaction to it. Relying on the materials to speak their own truth, her work explores how dualities—such as the old and the new,  the human and inhuman—play out in action. 

Susan received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Queensland College of Art in 2014, majoring in sculpture, jewellery and small objects. She has been a finalist in several prestigious prizes, including the Gas Award at Griffith University Art Museum. Susan was awarded the 2019 New South Wales Art Gallery, Moya Dyring studio residency at Cite Internationale des Arts Paris. Museum of Brisbane recently commissioned Susan to create a new work for Brisbane Art and Design. She has also exhibited solo works at Blind Side in Melbourne and Metro Arts, Outer Space, Wreckers Art Space and Milani Gallery, Brisbane. 


people+artist+place is a new arts initiative that aims to stimulate and support the production of socially-engaged, participatory and site-specific art in Brisbane. Facilitating projects that expand community perceptions of art in public space, they embrace the ability contemporary art has, to enhance, critique and celebrate the places we live in. 

Producing innovative and accessible projects in the public realm, they strive to connect diverse audiences with artists and their work. They do this by delivering unique experiences, and providing professional development opportunities to local artists. Through doing this they hope to build a community of artists who feel confident to work alongside communities to develop compelling creative projects. 

They are passionate about Brisbane harnessing art as a tool to better understand its identity, the histories that have brought us to today, and the futures we’re planting now.  They believe this type of experience to be a positive force in fostering healthy minds, communities and urban environments. Research shows that projects of this nature deliver many economic, social, environmental and cultural benefits. 



This project is presented by Brisbane City Council’s Temporary Art Program 2019, produced by Metro Arts and people+artist+place.