Want to join the Metro Arts’ team in 2022?

Metro Arts is developing the future of Australian contemporary arts practice, now. Championing all contemporary art forms, the two core activities of the organisation are developing and co-presenting contemporary arts. Within our  venue is a team of creative professionals who are passionate about diverse contemporary art that makes your heart race and the hairs on your neck stand up.


The Emerging Producer Xchange is a flagship mentorship program supported by The Ian Potter Foundation. Over 2021-2022, six emerging producers will be invited to participate in paid internships, embedded within nationally-recognised multidisciplinary arts organisations. The host organisations are Metro Arts in Queensland and The Mill in South Australia.

Under the mentorship of a lead producer in each state, the emerging producers will receive exclusive insights into the operation of two professional and prolific Australian arts organisations, and have unparalleled access to networking, skill-sharing and professional development opportunities. After successfully running the program during 2021, Metro Arts is now calling for two new emerging producers to work with the organisation in 2022.

Between January – October, the emerging producers will support the delivery of the host organisation’s annual artistic program, supporting artists in the creation, presentation, and touring of new work.

The emerging producers will also accompany lead producers to attend a number of major industry events, conferences and marketplaces throughout the year, and participate in a series of dedicated activities specific to the Emerging Producer Xchange.

The Emerging Producer Xchange is designed to address the ongoing shortfall of professional development opportunities for skilled producers particularly in the independent performance sector.

Q&A with Associate Producer Milly Walker

AMELIA (MILLY) WALKER, Associate Producer

Milly is a producer and theatre maker in Meanjin/Brisbane. Having graduated from QUT with a BFA in Drama, Milly now works as an associate producer at Metro Arts and is a Company Partner within her own independent theatre company, Chance Collective. Creating dynamic productions in environmentally conscious and theatrically innovative ways is at the centre of Milly’s work. Milly is passionate about sustainable and inclusive practices in the arts, and in forging supportive relationships between collaborators, audiences, and the art itself.

How do you explain what you do to your parents?

I tell them that it’s like any other administration job but the end product is some Very Cool Art. I support people to get their dreams onto the stage.

What led you to this role?

There aren’t many positions that bridge the gap between the early stages of an independent career and becoming an independent producer with recognisable industry experience to back it up. And there are far less that are paid opportunities. No one wants to pay you while you’re still developing your skills, even if the work you are doing is really integral to the independent theatre scene. Having the opportunity to be paid while undergoing professional development is extremely valuable, and that’s what led me to it!

What’s an average week like?

Contacting, negotiating, and maintaining relationships with the artists who we are engaging in the program at Metro Arts fills a lot of the week. There’s research into every little bit of theatre making that needs to be done, specific to the obscure needs of the artists you’re helping. Administration and data entry too. There’re also many meetings that need to happen between the producers and every other department, as everyone’s work is very intertwined as we work together to get the program up. Oh, and there’s also at least 3 spanners in the works and one artist who needs the pep-talk of a lifetime.

What is the biggest misconception about working as a producer?

There’s a lot more emails than I realised going in.

In an interview for your job, what would you be looking for?

Emotional fortitude and resilience, and a real love for this industry.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve been involved in at Metro Arts?

Fertile Ground by Ashleigh Musk and Michael Smith. Theatre is my main practice, so a work like Fertile Ground – a contemporary dance piece – really pushed me outside of what I know, but was such a beautiful work to be on. Site specific, experimental, featuring sound design by the incredible Anna Whitaker, and beautifully performed by Ash and Michael – this show was just otherworldly enjoyable.

What’s the best thing that’s happening in your field at the moment and why?

Chance Collective 🙂

Q&A with Associate Producer Peta Kishawi

PETA KISHAWI, Associate Producer

Peta Kishawi is an emerging artist and arts worker with a broad range of performance experience, as well as a developing skillset in production and behind-the-curtain administration. Since graduating a Bachelor of Acting and Performance with the University of Canberra and TAFE Queensland in 2020, she has continued to pursue training and work experience within the industry throughout 2021. Focusing on multidiscipline engagement with fellow emerging artists across theatre, music and visual arts, Peta finds inspiration in the transformation that performance inspires in artists and audiences alike.

How do you explain what you do to your parents?

I do administration for a creatively satisfying payoff.

What led you to this role?

Artists are often balancing their ‘day job’ with their arts life, but this position lets you make those one in the same. It’s incredible to have a paid opportunity that allows me to dedicate so much time to developing myself in a way that directly contributes to my journey as an artist.

What’s an average week like?

Each week will take you on a thrilling journey through your to-do list, comprised of many emails, spreadsheets and meetings! No two projects are the same, each presenting new and exciting challenges to work with, and you’ll often be managing multiple threads at once each week. Expect to be picking up new skills at every turn, and meeting many new faces as you engage with the artists.

What is the biggest misconception about working as a producer?

You have to get very used to bothering people with emails, but it’s for a good cause!

In an interview for your job, what would you be looking for?

Above all, a generosity and passion for supporting artists has to drive you. This will fuel your resilience to stick with it! Working in the arts industry is unique in that there’s always a lot of emotion riding behind the work. Assisting people with the presentation of their art can’t be taken lightly – you’re not just dealing with a product or a payslip, you’re dealing with passion and self-expression. I’d be looking for someone with this capacity to always handle with care!

What’s the most interesting project you’ve been involved in at Metro Arts?

The incredible thing about Metro Arts is it’s multidisciplinary focus – getting to work with musicians during the Restrung Festival presented a chance to engage with an entirely new crowd, and it was amazing to see and hear the cutting edge explorations that are happening in a medium I was unfamiliar with.

What’s the best thing that’s happening in your field at the moment and why?

Opportunities like this, these pathways in are vital!


Applications open:
Thursday 21 October 9.00am / AEST

Applications close:
Monday 8 November 9.00am / AEST


Application Guide: Download / view the application guide here.

Online Application Form: The link to the online application form can be found in the application guide.

Image: Tangerine Hour by NDRNCE, 2021. Photo by Nick John Bleeker.