Welcome to The Waitress, my name is Georgia Banks and I will be serving you. I will serve you. You will be served by me. What would happen if we started to talk about sex and money and food and feminism? Is that self-serving?

I’m serving you. I’m here to serve you something saucy, something sweet. What if we tried to understand the power relations between the one who serves and the one who is served? That’s a piece of meat you can really sink your teeth into.

Your waitress wants you to see this show.


View the digital catalogue here.


Main Gallery


Exhibition 13 November – 30 November 2019.

Opening Night: 6pm, 13 November 2019. 
Please note: Between 7 & 7:30 on 13 November, Georgia Banks will be performing the cherry on top. This performance includes innocuous 80’s pop music, sick dance moves, and regurgitation. While it comes highly recommended for adults, we can’t legally recommend it for children. 


Georgia Banks

Georgia Banks is a Melbourne based performance artist exploring sociological attitudes toward feminism and female sexuality through works that include interactions and provocations. Banks has a Masters of Fine Arts from Victoria College of the Arts, for which they were awarded the National Gallery of Victoria Women’s Association Award. Banks’ work has recently been exhibited as a part of South Australia’s Feminist Renewal Art Network Festival, Melbourne’s Festival of Live Art, Melbourne Fringe Festival, at The Other Art Fair, and at New York’s Parson’s School of Design.

Artist website: www.georgiabanks.net