By Sandro Colarelli

How did it come to this…Dad, standing in a police station on the border of NSW and QLD, reporting his 89 year old brother as a missing person?

When he’d left his home in the mountains of Chieti, Abbruzzo all those years ago he never imagined that the devastation his village suffered during WW11 would follow him all the way to a glittering new life on the glorious Cold Ghost.  Strange after all, that the “paradise” he found could turn into l’inferno before you could blink your eyes three times…

Cold Ghost is an expedition through time, where familial tapestries reveal patterns upon patterns. Can the tightly-woven fabric of our blood-land connections be unstiched to free us from the ransom of our own identities?



Sandro Colarelli – Creator


Metro Arts, West End


Sandro Colarelli

Sandro is an award winning Australian actor, singer and contemporary performance maker. He has received a Matilda Award for his roles in The Odyssey for Zen Zen Zo/QPAC and The Venetian Twins for Queensland Theatre Company for which he also received a Helpmann Award Nomination. 

Sandro has been a performer and co-creator of a number of works including The Lady of the House of Love (Brisbane Festival/Queensland Music Festival & Metro Arts), Tom Waits for No Man, Vive Jacques Brel, A-Z of Cabaret (Brisbane Cabaret Festival/ Queensland Arts Council/ ArTour/ NORPA) and Xcess Baggage (Belvoir St/La Boite).

Other Opera, Musical Theatre and Cabaret performances include: Twelfth Night, The Venetian Twins (Queensland Theatre Company), Sound of a Finished Kiss (Now Look Here/Electric Moon), Red Cap (La Boite/Queensland Music Festival), DragQueensLand (Queensland Music Festival), The Adventures of Figaro (Opera Queensland), Cabaret (ZenZen Zo/QPAC), Boadecia – the Rock Opera (Queensland Folk Federation), Floodland (Electric Moon), The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust (Electric Moon/Melbourne Cabaret Festival/Queensland Cabaret Festival/MELT Festival – Brisbane Powerhouse), Transformer (Queensland Cabaret Festival – QPAC/Wonderland – Brisbane Powerhouse), The Warm Room, Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Electric Moon/Brisbane Powerhouse), Blacklight Series (Electric Moon),The Seven Seas (The Good Ship/Brisbane Powerhouse) and 1975 (Canto Coro).

Other Theatre performance include: Hotelling (Bleach Festival*), The Alchemist (Bell Shakespeare Company/Queensland Theatre Company), Seeding Bed, A Christmas Carol, The Venetian Twins, Shopping And F***ing, Summer Rain, Oz Shorts, MODD 2000 – The Dream (Queensland Theatre Company), Eight, Shoot-Get Treasure-Repeat (Queensland Theatre Company – Seeding Bed), Dr Akar’s Women (Griffin), The Narcissist (Sydney Theatre Company/La Boite/Merrigong Theatre Company); Emma Celebrazione!, Milk And Honey, Freedom Ride, Scattered Lives (La Boite), A Beautiful Life (Matrix/La Boite/Brisbane Festival/ Performing Lines National Tour), The Odyssey (ZenZenZo/QPAC), Vikram and the Vampire (ZenZenZo), 1347 and King and the Corpse (Matrix/Brisbane Festival), My Love Has a Black Speed Stripe (Fractal), Till Death Do Us Part (Brisbane Festival/Brides of Frank), Cribbie, Twelfth Night and Julius Caesar (4MBS), Mercy Thieves (Jo&Co/Dennehy Productions), Scattered Lives (TheCoalface) as well as many other independent productions. He has also been part of the performance ensembles for the Queensland Premier’s Drama Awards and The Works (Queensland Theatre Company) and the National Play Festival (Playwrighting Australia).

Sandro’s film and television credits include: Space Chicken in Space, The End, Family Law, Hoges, Secrets and Lies, DevsDating, The Keys, Welcome to the Lucky Country, The Strip, Mortified, Black Fury, Gettin’ Squared, Cybergirl, Inspector Gadget II, Hobson’s Choice, Solutions at Hand, Big Date, Superb Satans, Gino and Time Trax.

Sandro’s directing credits include As You Like It (4mbs Classics Festival), Mind Games (Edinburgh Fringe/Metro Arts/Butterfly Club), The Kid, X-Stacey and Visions (QUT) and Postcards (USQ).