B.1 Verve Restaurant and Cider House

WEBSITE // Verve Restaurant and Cider House
PHONE //  3221 5691


Studio 1.1 One Natural Therapies

WEBSITE // One Natural Therapies
PHONE // 3220 0911

Making common sense common practice.
Yoga therapy, naturopathy, remedial massage and herbal dispensary.
One Natural Therapies treats stress as the underlying cause of 90% of illness; with a particular interest in preconception, pregnancy and birth.


Studio 1.2A James Morrison


Studio 1.2B Jay Dee Dearness


Studio 1.2C Verve Italia Office


Studio 1.2F Sew My World


Studio 1.2G Jasper Brown Architects

WEBSITE // Jasper Brown Architects

Our goal is to create innovative and sustainable contemporary architecture, which transcends our clients’ expectations and becomes an enduring delight for them to occupy. The majority of our work is in the residential, multi-residential, retail and small commercial sectors. We also undertake design research for larger scale public buildings and urban spaces by carrying out our own speculative projects and participating in architectural design competitions.


Studio 1.3 Scooter Tutor Ventures


Studio 1.4 A Love Supreme


Studio 1.5 Ai3D

PHONE //  3002 7150

Ai3D are a 3D visualisation consultancy, using the latest games and 3D visualisation technology to convey the design intent of large complex infrastructure; master planning; urban design; engineering; architecture and landscape architecture; and heritage projects through interactive Virtual Environments.

They brings serious games technology to architectural, engineering and infrastructure visualisation in a quality not previously available. The interactive nature of video game technology allows the viewer to completely immerse into a project, providing the ultimate visualisation, communication and feedback tool.

They continue to develop a toolset with the latest “next-generation” game engine, and as a result have produced an advanced realtime visualisation tool aspiring to photoreal visual quality. This tool, when combined with their expertise in virtual world creation, assists decision making throughout the entire process of design development and construction. They use this to communicate ideas in a wide range of industries from initial conceptualisation, planning, design and tendering and construction through to litigation. It is also a perfect tool for community consultation at any of these stages.

They aim to give their clients the best chance to communicate their ideas and range of skill sets and distinguish themselves from others in their industries.


Studio 2.1 PHAB Architects

WEBSITE // PHAB Architects

PHAB Architects is a design and research focused practice that seeks out creative opportunities for architecture in projects of all types, scales and budgets.

They specialise in small to medium scale projects including houses, multi-residential, educational, interior, commercial, and heritage projects.

After several years of collaboration on a number of architectural projects, PHAB was formally established in 2010 by Brant Harris and Ashley Paine.


Studio 3.1 Neil Douglas


Studio 3.2 Nick Drake

WEBSITE // Nick Drake

Nick Drake is an artist with a wide array of media in which he creates. He’s a painter, an illustrator, a muso, and now a digital artist, because life isn’t meant to be boring.


Studio 3.2A The Space Between Us


Studio 3.3 Chris Howlett

WEBSITE // Chris Howlett


Studio 3.4 Oliver Strauss


Studio 3.5 Adam Norman Jenkins


Studio 3.6 Robert Andrew


Studio 3.7 Dana Lawrie


Studio 3.7A Sam Cranstoun

WEBSITE // Sam Cranstoun


Studio 3.8 Paula Walden

WEBSITE // Paula Walden


Studio 3.9/3.10 Deane & Co / The Darling Tree

WEBSITE // The Darling Tree

Jo is a soul-centred designer and artist with a curiosity to explore creative and spiritual practices which deepen and support our desire of living a beautiful and authentic life. She runs an art and design studio, The Darling Tree, where she loves crafting vibrant creations for undeniably soulful spirits, inspirational brands, and lovers of visual expression.

Beyond her work, Jo loves diving into every corner of the creative process. She loves learning from other artists. She travels the world for inspiration and to meet new creative masterminds to collaborate with. She’ll spend weekend retreats immersed in long, deeply quiet stretches of time with just her paints and some good music.

Jo’s biggest wish is that others find something in her work which opens up their own artistic and spiritual adventure. Connecting with you, supporting your experiences and teachings, sharing at a deeper level — this is what she hopes to see. While at times our spiritual journey may feel like a solitary endeavor, she believes we are all walking beside each other.


Studio 3.11 James Thomson


Studio 3.12 Denise Reichenbach

WEBSITE // Denise Reichenbach


Studio 3.13 Chris Lediott


Studio 3.14 Sophie Bottomley


Studio 4.1 Mauricio Iregui


Studio 4.5 Patrick O’Neill


Studio 4.6 Joanna McGuire


Studio 4.7/4.8 Courtney Coombs, Erena Mercer & Patrick Mandall


Studio 4.9 4Change Studios

WEBSITE // 4Change Coaching & Force of Circumstance






Toni Park Ceramics

WEBSITE // Toni Park Ceramics

Making ceramics since 2003, using techniques in wheel-throwing, sculpting & slip casting, Toni works mostly in white clays.
Each piece is individually made with care and attention to detail.

principles: sustainability, re-usability, simplicity, beauty.
materials: quality, refined clays, underglazes and food-safe glazes.
firing: to a minimum of 1220°C to ensure vitrification.
associations: member of the Australian Ceramics Association.
location: Brisbane, Australia


Shed 1 Pru Morrison


Shed 2 and 3 Sharon Muir Ceramics; Sharon Muir



Shed 4 Adam Jenkins


SS2 NextGen Creative Pty Ltd


SS3 Christine Donaldson


SS4 Two Warm Hands