VISUAL ART INSTALLATION //  By Rhanjell Villanueva

Presented by Metro Arts 

Using sculptural costumes influenced by ball culture, Rhanjell Villanueva explores the intersection of Filipino diaspora and queer culture against the backdrop of a colonised Australia.

Titled after the Filipino spirits it draws inspiration from, Engkanto explores the intersectional identities of the Filipino diaspora within the context of the settler society of Australia.

The re-imagination of pre-existing mythologies and the transformation of futuristic folklores in this body of work evoke a sense of empowerment to those individuals whose voices come from a place of oppression and displacement. It is imbued with a genuine benevolence to disrupt the Eurocentric lens of photography, putting forth what may exist within those voices that are often silenced, the identities that are often misunderstood and underrepresented in our society.

The microcosms of Filipino identities reveal stories of reclamation, resilience, and perseverance while concurrently defining what it means to be a person of colour working and surviving in the Australian landscape.



Thu 8 – Sun 11 Apr


Metro Arts, West End



Rhanjell Villanueva is a Meanjin-based emerging artist, whose artistic practice critically analyses the traditional Filipino culture against the language and values of western societies. Traversing the multitude and intricacies of cultural identity by unraveling postcolonial patterns and cultural conflict, his works aim to decolonise and demonstrate the metaphysics of Filipino-futurism.



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