Flash Lights in Low Visibility investigates the detachment of incarcerated members of our community, who are never returned to full citizenship.  The exhibition is concerned with the way that the legal framework and isolation of prison reproduces specific individualizing and moralizing systems. Heightened rates of Indigenous and transgender incarceration undermine the validity of these systems. In considering these imbalances, the work also draws attention to the organization of space as a force for policing binaries, and for determining both the hyper-visibility and the invisibility of non-binary individuals. 


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Main Gallery


July 24 –  August 10 2019

Image credit: Image courtesy of the artist.


ARTIST TALK / Saturday 10 August, 3pm

PUBLIC PROGRAM / Saturday 10 August, 4pm
Please note this event has been rescheduled to Sat 10 August 4pm. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Expanding on the themes of the exhibition, the Queer College of Art will be joined in conversation with Samantha Pilkington and Emil Canita. Queer College of Art is an informal, community-driven space, which welcomes all participants in a supportive environment. 


Nicholete Brocchi

Nicholete Brocchi is a Meanjin (Brisbane) based artist working predominantly with installation, video and sculptural assemblage. Their practice operates within a post-natural matrix wherein no element of the cognitive or material realm is fixed or permanent. Their experimentation across this range of media highlights the inherent plasticity of sex and gender identity by contributing to feminist narratives from a queer perspective. Recent installations attempt to expose the private sphere as a site of heterosexual privilege and queer oppression. Demanding the right to speak as no one in particular, their intimate and vulnerable explorations of identity transcend the limits of the personal and the particular in an effort to look to new modes of queer representation.

Artist website: nicholasbrocchi.com