by Harrison Hall and Luca Dante

Presented as part of an exchange with [MARS] Gallery Melbourne

Maelstrom is a multi-channel, immersive 3D-animated experience that integrates sound with the choreography of digital humans.

Created by digital choreographer Harrison Hall and motion graphics artist Luca Dante, Maelstrom is a sombre meditation on the unseen, hidden and destabilising forces that transform us. 

Combining the motion capture of dancing bodies, 3D animation and physics engines with sound by experimental techno/ambient sound artist Pavel Milyakov (Russia), the work is experienced as a multi-channel projection and soundscape.

Hall undertook an expansive movement study in 2020 examining the impulses of the physical body under destabilising situations, feeding his body’s movements into the virtual plane. He extended this practice with 10 unique movers (dancers/martial artists) culminating in this final realisation of the project.

In Maelstrom, the vastness of time and space sets the scene for an unsettling dance of nameless skins. The uncanny movements of these digital embodiments forewarn us of the fragility of reality, as bodies fly and swirl in an absurd dance that warps earthly limits.  Neither here nor there, this dance exists in the volume between worlds, through pressures and forces to no particular place.

Maelstrom drags us like rag dolls from the present, flinging our flailing limbs onto the threshold of tomorrow. Into the vortex, we go down, further and deeper, we go down…

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Thurs 2 Dec – Sat 18 Dec, 2021

Thus 2 Dec 6pm – 8pm


Gallery Two 
Metro Arts, West End


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Harrison Hall

Harrison Hall’s work situates contemporary performance and dance in experiential art environments, with recent works traversing states of flux between the digital and physical realms utilising new technologies to augment and abstract the body.

Through Chunky Move, he presented BONANZA!, a PerformancexDialogue media artwork created with Sam Mcgilp that included conversations with NAXS corp (Taiwanese audiovisual art collective) and Lu Yang (Chinese digital artist). This work was a 2021 Green Room Award Finalist and was selected for presentation at the 2021 Melbourne International Film Festival.

Harrison is an artist whose work is recognized both at home and abroad. In the past three years he has celebrated being selected for Taiwan’s ADAMLab, and been an artist in residence at the Kinosaki International Arts Centre in Japan. This year he shares a Creator’s Fund Research Grant from Creative Victoria alongside Sam Mcgilp.

Luca Dante

Luca Dante is a multidisciplinary 3D motion graphics artist based in Naarm (Melbourne). His works emphasise otherworldly design and transhuman concepts, through mixing themes of science fiction and distortion of the human body.

Having worked as a Graphics Designer earlier in his career, Luca brings a honed aesthetic to his work in motion graphics, and is currently employed by Art Centre Melbourne. He has been commissioned to create animation for major clients including Warner Australia, Youtube and Google, among others. 

His recent collaborations include working as lead animator on BONANZA!, a film by Harrison Hall and Sam Mcgilp that was a part of this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival commissioned by Chunky Move with Alpha60.

Sound: Pavel Milyakov

Featuring digitised movement from Yumi Umuimare, Anis Aziz, Parissah Ibrahimi Rerakis, Vivian Schmeider, Robert Tinning, Sov Ren, Imanuel Dado, Yuiko Masukawa and Aoife Carli Hannan.

Producer: Kristina Arnott

Technical Team: Blair Hart and Siobhain Geaney






Maelstrom was commissioned as part of Chunky Move’s Activators program and was first developed through SOLITUDE 1, a funded research opportunity from Chunky Move in partnership with the Tanja Liedtke Foundation. Activators is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and the Australia Council for the Arts.









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