Illuminated by a mere light bulb and buried within a labyrinth of strained plastic strands lies the Mothlight world: a constructed space within which physical prowess is tested and the inner psyche investigated.

Audiences are led, one by one, into this place which quickly descends into an intense and electric performance that tests physical extremes and dangerous intimacy. Artists Skye Gellmann and Naomi Francis take us out of our comfort zones to reveal an essence of primal dreams, desires and destructive tendencies, that is beyond circus performance, creating a place that encourages discussion about the body, gender and relationships.

Mothlight’s first season was at Metroarts in 2010. Skye and Naomi are very happy to be back 10 years later!

Awarded “BEST CIRCUS” at 2011 Adelaide Fringe Festival.


Skye Gellmann – Creator / Performer
Naomi Francis – Creator / Performer

Image by Jake Buchan. 


8pm, 4 – 8 February 2020


Metro Arts


General Admission $32 + booking fee
Concession $25 + booking fee
General Admission & Concession tickets available from 13 Dec 2019. 



Skye Gellmann is an Artist and non-binary person whose work deconstructs spectacle through stage, site specific and visual art. They are known for their unique vision of circus that has achieved numerous accolades including: 2019 Greenroom Award for Circus Performance, 2018 Melbourne Fringe’s Original New Circus, 2015 Greenroom Award for Innovation in Contemporary Circus, 2015 Melbourne Fringe’s Best Experimental Performance, 2011 Adelaide Fringe’s Best Circus, 2010 Sydney Fringe’s Best Physical Theatre, 2008 Melbourne Fringe’s Most Outstanding Production, & 2007 Melbourne Fringe’s Best Circus and others.

Skye graduated the Bachelor Program at NICA and grew up performing with Cirkidz in Adelaide. Currently they work and live in Marrickville Sydney on Gadigal-Wangal land.


Naomi spends a lot of her time teaching and doing research about global health, water, sanitation, hygiene and gender issues in Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea. She is driven by wanting to understand inequity, how power is defined and derived by different people and hopefully to help people gain more control over their lives and what happens to them. These themes inform her creative work which uses the tools of circus and live installation with the intent of bringing both performers and the audience back into their bodies: the primary site of power and control.

Together with Skye Gellmann and other performers, Naomi’s work has won the 2015 Greenroom Award for Innovation in Contemporary Circus, 2015 Melbourne Fringe’s Best Experimental Performance and 2011 Adelaide Fringe’s Best Circus.