VISUAL ART INSTALLATION //  By Nicholas Tossmann

Presented by Metro Arts 

Do you ever feel like you’re talking in circles with your own inner voice? This dual channel installation questions the meaning we make out of the nonsensical language and world around us.

This dual channel installation utilises opposing screens to create a disjointed conversation between two videos of Nicholas Tossman. Both screens present a still close-up shot of the artist repeating a word at random intervals, with one depicting the artist saying ‘Non’ and the other ‘Sense’. By dividing the word, ‘nonsense’ into two separate terms a conflict within the word and figures becomes present.

Here ‘Non’ is being used to express the negation or lack of something, while ‘sense’ refers to the coherence of how we understand and perceive input. In stark opposition to each other these words create further nonsense as they overlap and align at random.

Through this argumentative monologue, Tossmann asks the audience to question the meaning we make out of the nonsensical language and world around us, forcing us to confront our own internal conflict and either accept or reject this chaos. 


Thu 8 – Sun 11 Apr


Metro Arts, West End



Nicholas Tossmann’s practice investigates how art and practice can be a means of purpose. As extension Tossmann explores ideas surrounding existentialism in a spiraling method, focusing on reflecting on the processes of being an artist. This self-reflexive method of working utilises: text, mapping, performance, audio, video and installation. Tossmann’s work aims to create a more conscious and introspective experience of art.



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