Delivered as part of Brisbane City Council’s Temporary Art Program 2020.

Other Offering, presents a series of sculptural and floral interventions at the Toowong Cemetery over two days.

Considering Cemetery offerings and the iconographies of spiritual displays, artist Jordan Azcune shares contemporary variations on the obelisk, burial preparations and public memorials.

These temporary memorial-like artworks made from wax, pigment, and flowers will merge, slump and decay within the heritage graveyard, reflecting the decomposition of site, topography and memorial traditions used around death.


Reflecting on the project, Jordan spoke with artist and curator Rebecca Ross, to read their discussion click on the link below.


1 – 2 November 2020
10am – 8pm


6pm, Sun 1 November 2020
During this time the artwork will be lit, and Jordan Azcune will be on-site to discuss the making of Other Offering


Lot 7A – Toowong Cemetery
Frederick St, Toowong 

View / download map here


Getting There: Parking is limited at the cemetery. We would suggest car pooling and parking near the Richer St Entrance or the Main Entrance (near the toilets) and flowing the markers to the artwork. 

Whilst not essential, we’d recommend bringing a fully charged phone in case you need a torch, and be prepared for a short walk. If you haven’t visited the cemetery before you’ll be in for a treat, it’s a vast and fascinating site. Remember, many of these graves are old and thus have deteriorated. If you choose to explore off the main pathways, please be careful and respectful.


Toowong Cemetery is wheelchair accessible however, the route from parking to the artwork is a considerable distance. Additionally, the Cemetery does not have WC accessible bathrooms. We welcome everyone to attend, but recommend that if you have accessibility needs to email jenna@metroarts.com.au so we can help make your visit an enjoyable one. 


Jordan Azcune

Raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and growing up queer, Jordan’s art practice starts with a fluency in biblical theology filtered by personal experience. Jordan uses this knowledge as a device to reveal understandings on architecture, body, and space with complex, historic, and contemporary readings. Jordan is currently investigating the idea of offering and memorial through materials of bee’s wax, glass and gold. Graduating from QUT Fine Arts Visual Art honours in 2016, Jordan has gone on to complete mentorships with Lincoln Austin, Leonard Brown and UAP. Jordan exhibited publicly at Home of The Arts (Gold Coast) 2019, Swell Sculpture 2017 and 2018, and Brisbane Street Art Festival 2017. This experience to learn about Brisbane’s disposition with Brisbane City Council Temporary Art Program and Metro Arts is informing Jordan’s emerging presence as an artist interested in the public art realm.



The Temporary Art Program  is an initiative of Brisbane City Council.
Other Offerings is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland with kind assistance from Lincoln Austin and Jenna Green.