Re-enactment: The act of re-enacting becomes a process in which the body enters a particular time and space. While not a true version of a re-enactment, it instead allows the body to filter through information of a particular historical site and deposits this information at some point along the process.

Using elements discovered during ‘Transmission’ – a process developed by both Wei Zen Ho and Joshua Pether; re-enactment will turn its attention to some of Brisbane’s most notorious cold cases and use the body as the tool to seek more ‘information’ while allowing for a deeper and intense sense of contemplation and listening to occur.

Joshua Pether will invite a select group of witnesses to be part of this process as he takes his body on a journey over two weeks leading to a ritual that will potentially provide the hidden clues to some of QLD’s most elusive and baffling mysteries.


The Ferryman’s Hut


November 2020


Joshua Pether

Joshua Pether is of Kalkadoon heritage but lives and works on Noongar country in Western Australia. He is an experimental performance artist, dancer and choreographer of movement, temporary ritual and imagined realties. His practice is influenced by his two cultural histories- indigeneity and disability and the hybridization of the two with particular interest in the aesthetics of the disabled body and also that of the colonized body.

His work and practice have been supported through the Australia Council and DLGSC (local) funding. As an independent artist he has had work shown in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and New York and has performed in festivals and events such as the Undercover Artist Festival, Yirramboi Festival, Next Wave, APAM 2018, Short Cuts, MoveMe Festival, SuperCell Festival of Contemporary Dance In Situ and The First Nations Dialogues in New York. He is the creator of two solo works, ‘Monster’ and ‘Jupiter Orbiting’.