Threadbare Entanglement by Tess King + Voltfruit with Flora Wong and Luke Cuerel

Presented by Restrung Productions and Metro Arts

Restrung Festival presents this special double-bill performance by electronic voyagers Tess King and Voltfruit.

Threadbare Entanglement by Tess King 

Combining captivating physical performance, Tess conducts a narrative of sound, telling a story of tangled webs and invisible threads. The hum and thrum of layered sounds will lull you further inwards in this work inspired by the wires of communication and means of interconnectedness we live by these days. At its center lays a conductor, waving motions of grandeur to desperately perpetuate the web. An impression of self and the fraught struggle of disparate harmonies. Projections of abstract shapes and motions ensnare you into a world of tilting balances. Beware the spider that weaves her web.

Voltfruit with Flora Wong and Luke Cuerel

Voltfruit is a Brisbane-based experimental music duo consisting of Flora Wong (strings/electronics) and Luke Cuerel (winds/synths/electronics). They draw on their collective experience and training in classical, jazz and contemporary music, combining improvisatory and compositional techniques and exploring the interaction between acoustic and electronic sounds. They enjoy collaborating with other musicians and creating cross-disciplinary work with other artists, and have a keen interest in the sound environments and histories of places and making site-specific works incorporating samples and field recordings.


Sat 16 Oct, 2021




New Benner Theatre | Metro Arts, West End


General Admission $35*
Concession $25*
Groups 6+

* +Booking fee $0.50 per ticket purchased


60 mins


Suitable for all ages.

Contains haze/smoke effects.


Tess King

Through the crucible of university, Tess has emerged eager to experiment. She has recently played with whole body performances utilising wireless devices for audio/visual generation and manipulations. The notion of performance as a whole is exaggerated by confident, flowing motions and bursts of sonic and visual colour. These performances have been executed over the Meanjin (Brisbane) region over the last year. Her practice is expanding to installations of that focus on audience interaction, unique formats and perspectives. Her inspirations stem from noise, impressionism and experimentalism in both art and music, with a high degree of cultivated randomness injected into every event. She focusses on bringing a sense of wholeness to her art that communicates a passion for the weird wonderfulness of life. 

Flora Wong / Voltfruit

Australian violinist Flora Wong (黃芷蕾) is a musician who is  drawn to the intersections between different disciplines of  music-making. Equally at home improvising for strings and electronics as she is punching out polyrhythms opposite a  drum kit, she is a go-to collaborator for new music and  multi-disciplinary projects in Brisbane (Jagera/Turrbal land). She is a member of Brisbane-based ensembles Nonsemble,  Voltfruit, Tango Enigmático, the Sophie Min Orchestra and  Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra and the Associate Director of  Dots+Loops. Her recent projects include Vulcana Circus’  “Seen But Not Her” and Kezia Yap’s “SHARING SPACES”, and  she is currently in the process of recording the four new  Australian violin works that were commissioned as part of  her 2019 project “Geburtstag”. 

Luke Cuerel / Voltfruit

Luke Cuerel is a jazz saxophonist, composer and educator  from Brisbane, Australia. His work explores music in unique  contexts; specifically in relation to people, places and events  in Australian life. Luke is currently busy writing, performing and managing projects such as his original jazz quintet, 14-piece ensemble  the “Luke Cuerel Orchestra”, solo electronic project “Expo 88” and regular stints as a sideman for artists such as “Boy  and Bear” and experimental, jazz and improvised music  groups. As a composer and improvisor, Luke has recently been  involved in Soundstream’s Emerging composer forum, and  Tone List’s Sounding Together workshops in Adelaide (SA)  and Perth (WA) respectively. 


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