In Shy Love, Sophie Bottomley explores how the physical body experiences desire. What physical sensations do we experience when we desire someone, when we crave intimacy or touch? This exhibition will feature sculptural objects that capture moments of physical tension between two bodies. These tensions reference shared experiences of bodily pleasure and anticipation, such as flirtation, suspense, arousal, and climax. Using seductive and sensual materials, Bottomley conjures and abstracts the moment of excitation in each object.

The exhibition highlights the encounter between the masculine and feminine, where tension is heightened through contrasting materiality, the creation of interior cavities and the space between forms. The abstraction of experiences of the desiring body allows for a suggestive rather than explicit portrayal of the erotic. Articulating how thin the veil is between fantasy and reality, Shy Love exposes how the human body longs for and loses itself in its quest for pleasure.


Gallery 2


18 September – 5 October 2019

Image credit: The Longing by Sophie Bottomley, 2018. Image by Simon Hardy.


Sophie Bottomley

Sophie Bottomley is a Brisbane based contemporary artist working predominantly in sculpture. Bottomley’s work recalls the symbolic properties of the body and it’s associations with desire, longing, pleasure and sensation. Her art practice explores visual representations of the erotic, creating abstract sculptures that evoke a sense of the body through drooping skins and inviting interior cavities. Materials are chosen to convey sensuousness and highlight the encounter between the masculine and feminine. Each work explores a moment of tension experienced by the erotic and aroused body with a poetic simplicity.