Silica is an exhibition by Grace Blake that explores hypothetical bodies. Considering silicon dioxide – a compound found in various living things – as a common thread connecting ancient and future organic, artificial and hybridised life on earth, this exhibition seeks to establish commonality between human and nonhuman beings. Drawing from non correlationist thought and new perspectives on ecology, as discussed by Donna Haraway, Timothy Morton and Steven Shaviro, this exhibition acts to extrapolate a near post anthropocene future where human ruins house new life. By removing the human as central to the exploration of the present and future experience of life on earth, Silica will strive to craft a speculative reality and examine what is compelling about creating science fiction futures.   


Gallery 2


24 July – 10 August 2019

Image credit: Cuts by Grace Blake, 2018. Image courtesy of the artist.


Grace Blake

Grace Blake is an emerging digital media and installation artist based in Canberra. Central to her practice is the tension between the virtual and tangible, developed by using 3D modelling and editing software to generate hypothetical architecture and objects, which are increasingly placed within accompanying installations. Using a number of digital and fabrication technologies, Blake considers her cross disciplinary practice an act of creating speculative realities and questions what is compelling about creating science fiction futures. While studying at ANU school of Art and Design, Blake has exhibited extensively in Sydney and Canberra and is the programs manager of Canberra-based ARI Tributary projects.