The ancient art of shapeshifting.


Human to Eagle. Eagle to Dolphin. Dolphin to Human. Human to Goanna. Goanna to Headland.


Shapeshifting has been happening since the beginning. Since the Dreamtime. Is it a story from past mythologies that have no place in today’s society?


Karul Projects weave their movement magic exploring this ancient practice and what it reveals about our identity. Can remembering the past help us better understand the present?


Thomas E.S. Kelly – Choreographer/Composer/Performer
Taree Sansbury – Performer/Collaborator
Caleena Sansbury – Performer/Collaborator

This project is suported by PACT Theatre.

Hero image by Carla Zimbler.


13 May – 24 May 2019


Thomas E.S. Kelly


Thomas is a proud Bundjalung Yugambeh, Wiradjuri, Ni-Vanuatu man.


Thomas graduated in 2012 from NAISDA Dance College and has since worked with the likes of Vicki Van Hout, Shaun Parker and Company, Branch Nebula, ERTH, Chunky Move, Outer Urban Projects and Urban Theatre Projects. Thomas is currently a member of the Tasdance Makers Company.


His choreographic credits include his Green Room Award winning work [Mis]Conceive, Vessel for Outer Urban Projects and Shifting > Shapes.


Thomas creates work that explores high intensity physical works stemming from a cultural practice fused with contemporary, which incorporates voice and physical percussion. Thomas creates work to reveal subject matter that offers an opportunity to learn and develop; work that ebbs and flows whilst mimicking nature. Remembering the past to better understand the present so we can move forward into the future.


In 2017, Thomas created Karul Projects. A new company led by new indigenous voices telling new stories. Karul Projects is resident company at PACT.


For more information about Thomas and the projects he is working on and go to www.thomaseskelly.com or www.karulprojects.com