Delivered as part of Brisbane City Council’s Temporary Art Program 2020.

Inspired by a shared interest in geocaching and mobile location based games, Story Bridge Run is an augmented reality location based experience where the audience moves around the city discovering objects  and activating augmented reality artworks viewed on phones or other portable devices.

Story Bridge Run takes the daily exercise circuit of David spooner as our starting point.  It is a circuit that is familiar and contains secret discoveries, and imagined stories of a long term observer. Through the interrogation of this personal ritual through the city, we will elaborate on these possible futures, revealing hidden narratives, creating colourful hand drawn animations of imaginary bodies and stories to activate the sites and reveal the fantasy worlds of the everyday.



Various locations along an inner city running route


4 – 13 December


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Download printable map here.


Tara Pattenden

Tara’s artistic practice incorporates interdisciplinary approaches to sound art, live performance, instrument building and interactive art. As Phantom Chips, Tara create live participatory performances and music compositions using hand-built instruments. These wearable, fabric-based electronic instruments enable new expressive ways to play music and invite audience participation by creating sound through movements and gestures (stretching, stroking and squeezing). Tara’s interest in participatory art is informed by an enthusiasm for emerging technologies and a background in cd-rom art.


David Spooner

David is a Brisbane-based multidisciplinary artist who draws inspiration from the natural and unnatural worlds. Drawing connections between seemingly unrelated ideas and materials to create new work, David reveals in the process the complexity of the inner logic that drives his practice. Using textiles, found objects, knitting, machine and hand stitching, David creates three dimensional installations that play with literal and imaginative narratives. David’s practise incorporates performance elements, including recent exploration of drag culture with themes of plant and animal crossovers.



The Temporary Art Program  is an initiative of Brisbane City Council.