By Cherry Logar

SYNTHETICS (touch please) is a layered composition of sculpture, VR, blown glass and haptics – technology that simulates physical interaction.

It asks, what does sensuality feel like when reduced to the basics, then presented out of context? Can sensuality exist outside of intentional human interaction? What does simulated sensuality feel like? And can our human senses experience the simulation as sensuality?

Artist Cherry Logar’s sculpted elements invite you to play with physical and virtual sensations and consider how your mind communicates these different experiences of touch to and through the body.

“This work puts the future at our fingertips and challenges us to pursue a new sense of sensuality. Adventure and conquest are at the core of these orbs, and I invite a modern audience to feel their way around an ultramodern concept of touch,” Logar says.

“People tend to paint a world where we play and interact with robots and technology outside of our ‘world’ as a dystopian future, but these experiences have a bright, shiny and tingly place in our contemporary life.”


This exhibition is an initiative of a student from TAFE Queensland South Bank and the University of Canberra, as part of their assessment for the Honours program.


Gallery Two
Metro Arts | West Village


11 – 22 November 2020

Mon – Thu     10am-4pm
Fri – Sat         10am-10pm
Sun                 Closed


Opening Event: Fri 13 Nov, 6-8.30pm
Sat 21 Nov, 4-8pm

A VR experience that complements the work, by Michelle Brown, will feature at these sessions


Image by Stephanie Tomoana.


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Cherry Logar

Cherry Logar is an artist living and working on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Logar is currently completing BA Visual Arts and Design (Honours) through the University of Canberra, majoring in Sculpture.

Her work ventures the boundaries of societal norms and taboos as she reimagines future technologies in a way that enliven the sensual human experience.

Juxtaposing adult themes with unusual textures and material choices, Logar explores the possibilities of immersive tactile sensations.

Recurring themes of her practice include reconceptualising physical sensations from the realms of sexual pleasure