Tell us about a woman who changed your life. 
Tell us about a woman who nobody knows but you.
Tell us about a woman who disappoints you.

Tell us about a woman who had a thing or two to say.

This is a show about broads. Old. Young. Primed. Passed. All sorts of broads from all sorts of places. But mostly, from you.

That’s What She Said is based on the general public’s responses to 100 provocations about women: remarkable women, dangerous women, kind women.Women who make you angry and women who’ve left their mark. Women you have a story about: a true story, an unbelievable story. A story that we should all hear, that deserves witness, that the world should remember. 

As part of a sparkling send-off to the Sue Benner Theatre, The Good Room presents a night of tough-talking broads (a coven of sorts) who will pay homage to your shared observations, memories and experiences; conjuring up a modern spectrum of multi-taskers, matriarchs and mentors; bosses, divas and dames. 

This is a show about lineage, about wisdom lost and won, performed in a theatre that has come to represent both.


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Amy Ingram
Daniel Evans
Leah Shelton
Chloe Greaves
Saffron Benner

Margi Brown Ash
Andrea Moor
Ngoc Phan
Emily Tomlins
Naomi Price
Leah Shelton
Stella Charrington
Keira Pierce


7:30pm, 11 – 15 February 2020


Sue Benner Theater
Metro Arts


General Admission $32 + booking fee
Concession $25 + booking fee



The Good Room is a Queensland-based performance collective who use the anonymous experiences of ordinary people to create extraordinary theatre works.

We ask you – and people just like you – to anonymously share with us fragments and memories, confessions and admissions from your lives, as part of a process that blurs the line between ‘audience’ and ‘maker’ to play with the idea of theatrical collective authorship.

Ours is an investigation of empathy, connectedness, stakes and sacrifice. This expresses itself in an aesthetic world that is both dark and light matter; a dichotomy of spectacle and depth. Mirrorballs, rose petals, panda suits and party dresses stud our theatrical universe but totems of party, play and celebration are often subverted; this is richly affirmative, highly contemporary, and widely accessible theatre – underpinned by rigour, ethics, and deep consideration.

Our critically and popularly acclaimed We Want To Know Triptych (I Should Have Drunk More Champagne, I Want To Know What Love Is, and I Just Came To Say Goodbye) has had sold out seasons with Brisbane Festival, Queensland Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse, and across Australia, as part of a national tour facilitated by Critical Stages. The critically acclaimed work I’ve Been Meaning To Ask You is currently slated to tour throughout 2020/21.

The Good Room is comprised of an ensemble of diverse makers with practices that span film through visual art. We are Lauren Clelland, Daniel Evans, Tara Hobbs, Amy Ingram and Kieran Swann.