Brisbane’s newly formed Hive Collective – Heather Fairbairn, Heidi Manché and Kate Wild – present their inaugural trio of works. The series places women’s stories in the spotlight and showcases Australia’s most daring female playwrights and creatives.

You each have very extensive backgrounds in writing, directing and producing theatre. What inspired you to team up and form The Hive Collective in 2020?
The idea came about in 2019. While we were each successfully making work as individuals, we realised that, as a collective, we could be so much stronger, more productive, more resilient. By supporting each other and sharing resources and tasks we can also be more courageous. Bolder. Make things happen that would seem impossible as individuals.

You’ll be presenting your inaugural trio of works at Metro Arts, how did this partnership come about?
Once we’d hit on the idea of forming a collective of independent theatre makers and curating a season of work together, we knew Metro Arts was the ideal partner for our first project. With Metro Arts’ ongoing commitment to independent theatre and, in particular, Jo’s championing of female artists, we hoped Hive’s model would find support at Edward Street. To both find that support and be invited to take part in Metro’s first year in their new home has been crucial in allowing Hive to arrive onto the scene in a robust and joyful way.

What would you say you each bring to the table? Are there areas where your approach and interests typically intersect?
Heidi is a brilliant relationship builder – she’s genuinely interested in people and what they have to offer, so she’s great at making connections and inviting people in. Heather is meticulous and rigorous, and with her experience working with Europe’s leading theatre companies, she pushes us to aim higher and reach further. Kate helps us stay focussed, nurturing Hive’s long-term vision whilst keeping a keen eye on the details.

What we love about the Hive model is that it allows each of us as individual artists to make our own work in our own unique way. But an offer from one of us – a suggestion for a play or an idea for devising new work – will inspire the others to work beyond our usual comfort zones.

Lastly, how did you choose these particular works? What can audiences expect – is there a common thread or theme?
We wanted Hive’s first season to shine a light on the brilliant and original work currently being written by Australian women. Each of the plays is engaging, vibrant, timely and, in its own unique way, unconventional. When we looked at the plays side-by-side, we also found that each of them was brimming with energy and life. As if something long suppressed was now ready to be released – sexuality, violence, imagination, wild humour. Female creativity let loose!


By Van Badham | Directed By Heidi Manché
17 – 27 Feb, 2021

By Jada Alberts and Anne-Louise Sarks
Directed by Heather Fairbairn
3 – 13 Mar, 2021

By Zoey Dawson | Directed by Kate Wild
17 – 27 – Mar, 2021


New Benner Theatre, Metro Arts


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