This is Pep Too!


In This is Pep Too! Hailey Atkins presents a body of new sculptural works and drawings that revise the meaning of ‘pep’ to incorporate the reality of failure and anxiety. Drawing on the personal and borrowing from the everyday, Atkins uses playful colour and form to articulate experiences that occur at the intersection of failure, doubt and defiant enthusiasm. Where naïve motivational rhetoric marches blindly forward, and smirking satire marches stubbornly on the spot, the work in This Is Pep Too! huffs and huddles and meanders. It thrusts its hand skyward and just as quickly retracts and takes cover. It offers an alternate version of the world where the awkwardness and absurdity of ‘not-knowing’ is embraced and expectation is given the flick.


Main Gallery


8 May – 25 May

Image credit: Trophy for potato by Hailey Atkins, 2018. Image courtesy of the artist.


Hailey Atkins


Hailey is a Brisbane based sculptural artist. She graduated at Queensland College of Art in 2016 (Bachelor of Fine Art, Hons – Class I) and has since exhibited frequently in Queensland, as well as interstate (Sydney, Hobart) and internationally (Utrecht, Rotterdam, NL) and is currently represented by in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Hailey was selected as a finalist of Churchie Emerging Art Prize in 2018 and is co- founder and director of Wreckers Artspace in Brisbane.


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We’re BAD | This event is part of BRISBANE ART DESIGN (BAD) 2019, an initiative of Museum of Brisbane.