By Joseph Burgess

Presented by Metro Arts

Inspired by the spontaneous use of light in collective protest against police brutality, This Light remediates a scene of protest during the height of the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests.

Presented as a single large-scale tufted carpet work, this exhibition examines the use of cellphones as a luminescent form of protest that represents both connection and tension, and the ephemeral exchange of lightness and darkness.

Portland-born artist Joseph Burgess uses the carpet gun to soften the American passion for firearms exemplified in the second amendment. He seeks to disarm the mindset of patriotic gun-ownership and explore other collective possibilities, among the tufts.

This Light, Gallery One, Metro Arts


Fri 8 – Sat 30 Apr

Fri 8 Apr, 6 – 8pm

Thu 28 Apr, 6 – 7pm


Gallery One
Metro Arts, West End


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Image Credit: This Light (Detailed View), Joseph Burgess, 2021. Photo by Thomas Oliver, with thanks to the National Rug Association.


Joseph was born in Portland, Oregon and currently lives and works in Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia. His diverse practice includes sound engineering, composition and at times large scale fabrication. Operating as Unregistered Master Builder he produces music and visual media on collaborative projects that have been featured at Vivid, Bleach, Nextwave and other festivals. He is a director at KEPK space in Yeerongpilly and works as an artist in the studio between sound and his visual practice. 

Joseph’s current work consists of a series of tufted carpets interrogating the second amendment of the constitution of the United States. Which has impacted his life directly in the form of an unlawful attack by the Portland Police in 2009. Having been the victim of police brutality he has come to consider the posturing of this amendment and further the values that this “liberty” exists in service of.


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