“Let’s build a city with a tower that reaches to the heavens so that we may make a name for ourselves.” Genesis 11:4

What name are we making for ourselves in multicultural Australia?

Over 250 Indigenous Australian language groups covered this continent. Wave after wave of colonisation, immigration, refugees, boat people, asylum seekers and those still in detention.

Did words lose their meaning or did people stop listening?


Nasim Khosravi – Co-writer, Director
Greg Manning – Co-Writer

Image design by Hosein Khosravi


20 November – 30 November


Nasim Khosravi

Born in the south of Iran, Nasim has a background spanning almost twenty years in theatre, devised performance, playwriting, and directing, having graduated from Tehran University, Faculty of Fine Arts. Nasim’s work investigates potential for cross-cultural fusion and the creation of interactive theatre while keeping a poetic tone. She is specifically interested in using modern techniques to achieve a dialogue between Iranian traditional theatrical elements and contemporary theatre. In this dialogue, the modern reconstruction of classical literary works has had a significant place.

Through a feminist perspective, she has worked on her dramatisation of religious and mythological characters, which resulted in her dramatic works, drawing on characters like Mary, Sarah and Hagar. After years of study and practice in contemporary performance in Iran, Nasim founded Baran, an Iranian-Australian theatre group, in Brisbane in 2013. Baran’s first production Vis and Ramin was developed over two years premiering in 2016 at Metro Arts. Vis and Ramin was also presented at Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne in 2017. Nasim is Assistant Director for Bell Shakespeare’s national tour of Julius Caesar. Nasim also creates community-based theatre works with the local Brisbane Persian community alongside her professional theatre practice.