Unnamed is a subtle yet immersive installation that deconstructs processes of making and exhibiting an art work, incorporating a critique of medium, material and site. Arising out of an innately self-conscious art practice, Unnamed interrogates the meaning of art-making and experience, provoking some confusion, well-trodden misgivings about art, and blind faith from the viewer. Blurring the lines between what is there, and what has been created to be there.


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Gallery 2


21 August – 7 September 2019

Image credit: Unnamed by Priscilla Beck, 2018. Image courtesy of the artist.


Priscilla Beck

Priscilla Beck creates subtle, object based installations that work with the inherent qualities of materials and space to dictate how they will manifest.

Making associations between things and things, between materials and space, between ideas and objects, her work is self-referential to the point of nonexistence, yet retains the potential to act as allegories on the nature of things.

Through their relationship to process and material, the absence of overt didacticism, and their apparent rejection of a cohesive medium, the works are positioned to critique the space they occupy in the art world. There is an innate self-consciousness in each work that speaks to the problems of being human, and of being a human making art.

Beck currently holds a studio at Contemporary Art Tasmania, and was previously Artist in Resident at UTas School of Creative Arts. Priscilla Beck has exhibited nationally in solo and group shows, and contributed work to the inaugural HOBIENNALE in 2017.

Artist website: priscillabeck.com