News · 14 December 2023


Metro Arts, Factory Lane, West Village, West End
Today, Metro Arts announces with deep regret – that despite our 43+ year legacy and a stellar reputation in supporting artists through the most difficult of times – we have not secured multi-year funding from Creative Australia, for the period of 2025-2028. 

In servicing both visual and performing artists, Metro Arts unwavering commitment to the independent arts sector is now faced with significant cuts that will undeniably reverberate at every level.

Executive Director Genevieve Trace said of the outcome: “Creative Australia’s decision is a significant blow, not only to us, but to the many artists and fine companies nationwide who share our dedication in building a strong and sustainable arts sector.”

“We acknowledge the positive news received by many of our fellow organisations today. However, like others in our position – we are seeking a deeper consultation with Creative Australia to ensure a sustainable future for the hundreds of artists we work with,”” Ms Trace said.

One of the hardest working national arts organisations, in 2023 alone Metro Arts supported over 400 artists, alongside the development of 32 new Australian works, welcoming over 32,000 patrons through its gallery and theatre doors. Notably, sell-out shows, critically acclaimed exhibitions, and award-winning productions underscore Metro Arts’ pivotal role in shaping and enriching Australia’s cultural landscape. 

Over its 43-year legacy, Metro Arts has been an indispensable catalyst for numerous iconic Australian playwrights, visual artists, artistic companies, and creatives. Notable figures such as Wesley Enoch AM, Vernon Ah Kee, Gemma Smith, Robert Andrew, Liesel Zink, The Farm and many more have found, if not their beginnings, then unwavering support in their early practice development at Metro Arts. 

 Reflecting on the broader repercussions, Board Chair Fiona Hawthorne said: “Metro Arts remains committed to resilience and adaptation.As we navigate these challenging circumstances, we do so with a renewed determination to overcome adversity and ensure that the spirit of Metro Arts continues to thrive into the future, providing a vibrant space for artists to innovate, thrive and create.”

Looking ahead, Metro Arts will continue to deliver its 2024 program, with a launch announcement scheduled for Wednesday 7 February, 2024. 

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