MAVA Substation Workshop Information Session

MAVA Substation

A new hub for Australian contemporary visual arts practice.

Metro Arts has transformed the Norman Park satellite site into the MAVA Workshop. The space offers accessible resources and programs that provide career pathways for artists. . With cutting-edge tools for woodworking, metalwork, and digital fabrication – artists and the general public are able to access the space to build and create works.

Location: 97 Wynnum Road, Norman Park, Brisbane, Qld

The MAVA Workshop is open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between the hours of 9am and 4pm.



The Metro Arts Visual Arts Substation (‘MAVA Substation’) was formerly known as Substation No. 9; and was used to supply power to Brisbane’s long forgotten tram system. There’s a bunch of these beautiful buildings around Brisbane, many of which now house various cool arts things across Brisbane. Since 2007 Metro Arts has leased the substation from Brisbane City Council –  and  provided the space to local artists to access.

The Substation housed our three (x3) Pathfinder artists for one year, ending July 2023. The Pathfinder professional development program was made possible through one-off Federal funding from the RISE fund. Now that funding for this program has ended, Metro Arts has refurbished the Substation space and built a brand new workshop  – enabling greater use by artists, makers, creators and the general public.

The Brisbane Tool Library will also be moving on from our space – we provided emergency accommodation to them when their space flooded in 2022. We are assisting BTL to find a suitable space where they can really spread their tools out!  As beautiful as the Substation heritage building is – it really needed some love, and we’re excited to share the new facilities with everyone.

How can the community use the space?
  • Prototyping: Testing, brainstorming and experimenting with ideas and models before large-scale development in Public Art, Contemporary art exhibitions or home DIY projects.
  • Tool Making: Creating custom tools such as knives, spanners, bottle openers and many more self-directed projects …  
  • Sign Creation: Creating custom signs and text art works for exhibition projects or home DIY jobs.
  • Sculpture Creation: Mould-making, wood-carving, armature design, clay building, plinth building, and fabrication.
  • Painting Stretcher Making: Build and design custom size stretchers for canvas.
  • Restoration: Furniture design and up-cycling materials.
  • Inductions: Upgrade skills and experience with metal and woodworking tools.

Workshops: Boutique classes designed to teach new artistic techniques and skills in metal and woodworking.


Tools & Capabilities

Discover the full list of tools and capabilities HERE.

Join the MAVA Workshop

The MAVA Workshop is open to the general public on a membership basis and offer inductions in the use of hand and power tools, wood and steel work machinery, and digital fabrication equipment.

Bespoke workshops for small groups are  also available to provide an opportunity for the curious to learn new skills across traditional and modern fabrication disciplines.


  • Members must be sixteen (16) years or over to be eligible to purchase any MAVA Workshop Memberships.
  • Members under eighteen (18) years old require consent and supervision from a guardian to purchase a Membership and use the equipment in the MAVA Workshop.


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The MAVA Substation is supported by Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – an Australian Government initiative.

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