Counterpilot is a collective of interdisciplinary artists directed by Nathan Sibthorpe and including Mike Willmett (sound designer), Clinton Freeman (software designer) and Christine Felmingham (technical designer). 

Together, they create interactive performance works, activating audiences with new technology, rich design, and transmedia storytelling. Counterpilot seeks to transform the familiar, juxtaposing rich fictional worlds against a backdrop of the everyday. 

Their works boldly experiment with new applications of technology, including 3D printing and digital media. With interactive tools like geo-locative audio, SMS distribution networks, RFID voting systems and biometric sensors, Counterpilot seeks to put the audience at the centre of every performance experience – whether it be for physical journeys, experiential narrative, or heightened gameplay. 

TRUTHMACHINE by Counterpilot

Would you take a lie detector test with a stranger?

TRUTHMACHINE is the multi-award winning new social experiment from techno-trouble makers, Counterpilot.

Using real biometric sensors and live voting systems, TRUTHMACHINE seeks out truth in a world of fake news and alternative facts. The polygraph machine used to be regarded as a legal instrument, but today we think we can cheat. Let’s see if your heart rate can lie as effectively as our leaders can.

Blurring the line between cutting edge technology and live performance, TRUTHMACHINE is an intimate, playful and intriguing theatre experience for adventurous audiences.


“Genius…The technology is state of the art”  – Broadway World (2019) 

“a truly atmospheric experience”  – This is Radelaide (2019) 

“Definitely a unique experience”  – Scenestr (2019) 


Best Film, Digital & Interactive Work – Adelaide Fringe 2019
Hong Kong Tour Ready Award – Let’s Be Together Arts Festival
SA Tour Ready Award – Melbourne Fringe
Adelaide Fringe Innovation Grant – Adelaide Fringe 2019


Nathan Sibthorpe – Director
Mike Willmett – Sound Design
Clinton Freeman – Software Design
Christine Felmingham – Technical Design
John Felmingham – Technical Design
Sarah Winter – Production Design
Paige Poulier – Performance
Toby Martin – Additional Collaborator
Sean Dowling – Additional Collaborator


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CRUNCH TIME by Counterpilot

Crunch Time is a performative dinner party designed to model the processes of democracy. Seated around a projector-mapped dining table, participant diners use interactive tools to vote for every ingredient used in an elaborate meal.  

Viewed via live-feed video from a nearby kitchen, a guest chef prepares real food in response to demand. But we’re not using master chefs here – instead, each performance will nominate individuals from public positions of leadership. Politicians, artistic directors and CEOs will take their turn to cook up requests from the dining room with dangerously unpredictable results.

Lately, politics has been leaving a bad taste in our mouths. The popular vote can be hard to swallow, but at the end of the day – we’ve all got to eat…

Co-commissioned by Metro Arts & Next Wave Festival.


Nathan Sibthorpe – Director
Christine Felmingham – Technical Design
Mike Willmett – Sound Design
Clinton Freeman – Software Design
Sean Dowling – Graphic Design
Craig Wilkinson – Animations
Jeremy Gordon – AV Programming
John Felmingham – Construction & Contraptions
Lauren Jackson – Voice Performance
Cam Clark – Project Collaborator
Toby Martin – Project Collaborator
Benjamin Knapton – Dramaturgy


There are currently no upcoming seasons. 


Truthmachine is produced by Metro Arts. Counterpilot is supported by the Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund via the Adelaide Fringe Innovation Grant. Counterpilot is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, part of the Department of Environment and Science. Crunch Time was co-commissioned by Next Wave and Metro Arts. Crunch Time was originally developed for the 2018 Next Wave Festival, presented in association with Darebin Arts Speakeasy.