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Image Credits: T-B, L-R

1. Art for All, All for Art | Image: Betwixt by Pink Matter. Photo: Jade Ellis.

2. Support the Renegades| Image: Fertile Ground by Ashleigh Musk and Michael Smith. Photo: Jade Ellis

3. I’m a Renegade | Image: Sophie Penkethman-Young, Woolworths Orchid, 2019. Two-channel video installation, orchids. Installation View. Devil’s Ivy, Curated by Sarah Thomson. Photo: Kyle Weise.

4. I’m a Renegade | Image: Cool Asian Mum’s Guide to Life by Amy Zhang. Photo Ayvee. 

5.  I’m a Renegade | Image:  Adrift by Counterpilot. Photo: Morgan Roberts.

6. Support the Renegades | Image: Break by Cecilia Martin and The Farm. Photo: Jax Oliver.

“Without Metro Arts our makers don’t have the opportunity to become better artists. They wouldn’t have a platform to progress in the industry. As humans, we make meaning through stories – about ourselves, our lives, our communities and the world we live in. We need artists and they need organisations like Metro Arts.”

Alexander Beard, Metro Arts Art Starter Donor

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