By Kristen Maloney

Ghost Story is a new contemporary performance that blends theatre and augmented reality via a smartphone application and immerses the audience in a terrifying world both physically and digitally. The story centres on two sisters who reunite after a family tragedy and is set in a house on the outskirts of greater Brisbane, where the bush meets the city. When the lights are on, the audience can see an entity, a ghostly apparition through the screen of their smartphone. However, in the darkness, it feels like the entity becomes real and stalks the space, so the audience is unnerved and begins to question their perception of a world where they are both digitally and physically immersed. Ghost Story utilises Australian Gothic, classic horror tropes, game system designs, sibling grief and the psychology behind our innate fear of the darkness.


Kristen Maloney – Producer / Director / Co-Writer
Mark Rowley – Programmer
Hannah Belanszky – Co-Writer / Performer 
Felix Palmerson – Choreographer / Performer
Candice Hill – Performer
Robin Wilmore – Graphic Designer
Justin Harrison – Sound Designer / Videographer


Metro Arts, West Village


Kristen Maloney

Kristen Maloney is an independent director, writer and producer based in Brisbane. She has a demonstrated history of working in Brisbane, regional Queensland and interstate to create contemporary theatre that engages current principles and processes of community-centric and participatory theatre as well as responsiveness to innovative digital technologies. Kristen’s credits include directing and producing ‘Player 2’ that was nominated for FRINGE WORLD 2017 Theatre Award; and co-directing and producing ‘Boys Taste Better with Nutella’ that was awarded FRINGE WORLD 2019 Weekly Award for Best Theatre, nominated for People’s Choice Award at Melbourne Fringe 2019 and awarded Adelaide Fringe 2020 Weekly Award for Best Emerging Artist. Kristen is the Artistic Director and founder of Backyard Theatre Collective, as well as the 2015 Artistic Director of Queensland University of Technology (QUT) student theatre company Vena Cava Productions. Kristen is currently completing her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).


Mark Rowley

Holding a unique perspective on games development, Mark Rowley is able to oversee the development of technology from conception to final product, making the most from any hardware platform whilst engineering for re-usability and extensibility. A solid electronics engineering background allows Mark to critically assess new hardware and understand how to take advantage of it. Experience in many fields across the whole spectrum of games development and a talent for keeping the big picture in mind, Mark provides the perfect background for taking existing engines and refactoring them for new hardware or to create new cross platform engines to power AAA games whilst reaching targets and keeping the technology sustainable for subsequent projects. Mark’s experience includes Director & Programmer at The Eccentric Ape (Brisbane, Australia); Chief Technology Officer at Halfbrick (Brisbane, Australia); Technical Director at SEGA Europe Limited (United Kingdom); Co-Founder & Programmer at Bitbaboon Limited (United Kingdom); Technical Director at SEGA Studios Australia (Brisbane, Australia); and Technical Lead at Ubisoft (Montreal, Canada).

Hannah Belanszky

Hannah Belanszky is a playwright and trained actor based in Brisbane. Her debut play, ‘Broken Fence’, was a finalist of the 2018-19 Queensland Premier’s Drama Award and was further commissioned by Queensland Theatre in 2019. Hannah was the Young Playwright-In-Residence at Playlab in 2017 and is part of Playlab’s 2019 Sparks program for First Nations writers in partnership with QPAC and Mooghalin Arts. She was also selected for Playlab’s Emerging Female Playwright Commission. Hannah wrote and directed, ‘The Wives of Wolfgang’, which premiered at Brisbane Powerhouse’s 2017 Wonderland program and recently award Adelaide Fringe 2020 Award for Best Cabaret. She also performed in ‘Harrow’ (ABC Studios), ‘Julius Caesar’ (4MBS) and play readings at La Boite Theatre Company and Queensland Theatre. Hannah is highly regarded as a playwright whose work focuses on themes of equality and empowering women or connecting to her Indigenous heritage.

Felix Palmerson

Felix Palmerson is a Brisbane-based contemporary dance performer, maker and teacher. After growing up and completing her early dance training in Melbourne with Yellow Wheel Contemporary Youth Company and West Pointe Ballet Academy, Felix went on to graduate a scholarship and university medal recipient from Queensland University of Technology’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance Performance) in 2017.  Felix has performed and choreographed for international festivals including ELEKTRA (Montreal); Ars Electronica (Austria) and Beijing Dance Festival (China), as well as many Australian events: Big Red Bash (Birsdville); Woodford Folk Festival; Festival 2018 (Commonwealth Games); Anywhere Theatre Festival; Out of The Box; Valley Fiesta; Mad Dance House’ ‘HYPE Night’ and 2High Festival. Most recently, Felix has been working as a freelance dance artist for Steph Hutchison; Angela Chaplin; Common People Dance Project (Neridah Waters); Phluxus2 Dance Collective and The CrackUp Sisters. In addition to performance, Felix works as the artist liaison and volunteer coordinator for Supercell: Festival of Contemporary Dance Brisbane; is involved in dance photography; academic tutoring and research assistance at QUT; dance teaching; and visitor services at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Robin Wilmore

Robin Wilmore is an aspiring illustrator and character designer currently studying both Animation and Business at the Queensland University of Technology, with a major in Marketing. As an LGBT+ artist, Robin’s work often focuses on creating visible, positive representation for underrepresented groups, especially transgender and nonbinary youths. They have a background in graphic design and have recently expanded their skillset into animation through their education.