Metro Arts is partnering with Outer Space for the Hope Studio space in August. For this partnership, Rose Manning and Olivia Lacey, will each be provided with a free studio space for four weeks, culminating in a public showing of their work-in-progress on the 28th of August, 2020 from 4-6pm.

Olivia Lacey employs processes of transcription and translation to explore the ambiguities, slippages or humour that can arise in interpersonal interactions. Working across moving image, installation and text, she combines referents appropriated from pop music lyrics in order to examine the romantic dialogue as an intersubjective space of exchange. Her current practice is focused on the amateur performative spaces of karaoke and fan-made content. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours)at the Queensland University of Technology in 2017. Recent exhibitions include Now That You’re Here (Boxcopy, 2019) and Love Me, Love Me (Metro Arts, 2019).

Rose Manning is a visual artist practicing in Brisbane. Working in a text-based practice, she navigates her emotions as a queer woman inhabiting public and private spaces. Text pieces, which she refers to as ‘Love letters’, are written in a struggle to express vulnerability. She also explores simultaneous feelings of connection and disconnection to surrounding people and frequented spaces in Rose’s life. By painting, sewing and stitching these confessions of emotions, she seeks to be able to comfortably present an emotion and create a connection with the world that she has found herself in. 


66 Hope Street, South Brisbane


August 2020

Work in progress showing: 4 – 6pm, 28 August 2020

Please do not attend this event if you are unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms, including cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath. Maintaining physical distancing requirements is expected at this event and is the individuals responsibility. Thank you for your understanding.


Outer Space

Outer Space is a not-for-profit Contemporary Arts organisation. They collaborate with artists and arts workers to develop, make, and present critically engaged creative practice in a supportive professional environment. Their exhibitions, events, and programs welcome those involved in, and curious about the arts. Outer Space is committed to fostering a sustainable creative community in Brisbane that engages local, regional, national and global contexts.  

Artist website: www.outerspaceari.org