Light Affection

regroup is a self-initiated project intended to refine, test and consolidate the first iteration of a new collaborative model between a group of artists who have previously collaborated as VERGE Collective.

As part of the new model, the collective plans to host regular salon style events that aim to refresh the dialogue between artists, arts workers and the broader arts community.

Depending on potential restrictions at the time, these salons could take shape as shared meals or roundtable discussions or other forms as yet to be discovered, but ultimately they will be intimate gatherings involving conversations and knowledge-sharing that aim to inspire, ask powerful questions and expose those that engage to new ideas.



20 May – 6 Jun, 2021


Ferryman’s Hut



Artists Julia Scott Green, Christine Ko, Lisa Kurtz, Tamara Whyte and Emma Wright have a history of collaborating together as part of VERGE Collective. Diverse in practice and backgrounds, their common links are lens-based media, Brisbane, and a desire to support and develop their art practices.

In 2021 the artists are taking their experiences from VERGE Collective to launch a new creative venture. They aim to explore alternative models of working as artists; models that can nourish and sustain the individual through the collaborative effort of many. They plan to co-create an open learning environment through in person and virtual dialogues about the state of art in Brisbane and beyond; now and into the future.


We take the safety of our patrons, staff and artists seriously. Metro Arts is operating in line with current Queensland Government guidelines and the Stage QLD COVIDSafe Industry Plan. If you are unwell, please refrain from attending events at Metro Arts. Maintaining physical distancing requirements is expected and is the individuals responsibility. Click here for more information.